About Us

In 1989, the Louisiana legislature enacted the Community and Family Support Act 378 in response to a grassroots effort by parents seeking resources for their children with disabilities. Parents wanted the option to care for their child at home and not be forced to place them in an institution. Research shows that the state saves substantial funds by caring for individuals with disabilities in their home and community verses large institutional settings as a result of Act 378. We now have 10 Families Helping Families Resource Centers statewide.

The centers are unique to Louisiana. Every staff member in our office has a family member with a disability or is an individual with a disability. In addition most of our board members must have a family member with a disability.

Every child and adult with a disability has a family. We understand that the family as a whole is important and each family member is impacted by the needs of the family member with a disability. We want to address the health of each family members and the family unit. Because of our own life experiences we understand the challenges a family faces and are committed to reaching out to other families with similar experiences.

Families Helping Families is Your Resource Center. Our Goal is to provide you with knowledge, support, and confidence.


Information and Referral

We provided information about disabilities and direct you to the resources you need for services or additional information. We also have an extensive lending library with topics ranging from education to specific health issues. This library is available to you, your child’s educators, and any health professional.

Education and Training

​Workshops and training are coordinated and presented on topics relevant to the issues facing persons with disabilities and their families. Topics include Basic Special Education Rights, Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs), Transition Planning, Early Intervention, Discipline, Behavior Rights, Organizational and Communication Skills, Special Needs Trust, Age of Majority Planning, Disability Specific Topics and more. If you have a topic you think would be of interest to other families or professionals, let us know and we are always looking to provide new topics to you.


Linking lawmakers, individuals with disabilities, and family members to make positive change in systems serving people with disabilities. The Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council’s mission is to lead and promote advocacy, capacity building and systemic change to improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. For Home and Community Based Services or Education contact Kristen Reed.


Peer to Peer

Our trained, knowledgeable staff is parents of children with disabilities or individuals with disabilities. They are here to provide you with the support you need.