James Sprinkle – Executive Director
Office Extension 12
Cell # 318-201-5420
Celisa Coldiron- Financial Director
Office Extension 11
Pam Carey- GUMBO Coordinator/Education Facilitator
Office Extension 17
Cell # 318-452-7771
Kristen Reed- Deputy Director
OCDD Information and Referral Specialist
Office Extension 16
Kim Frankell- Office Assistant
Office Extension 10
Melissa Harrison – BFH Community Liaison
Office Extension 15
Terrie Coombs- Community Outreach Specialist for Early Steps
Office Extension 33
Dana McNeal-Early Steps Program Manager Region 6
Office Extension 29
Ashley Nasello-EarlySteps Intake Coordinator Region 6
LaQuisha Washinton- EarlySteps Intake Coordinator Region 6
Tammy Marshall-EarlySteps Intake Coordinator Region 6
Carly Vets-Data Entry/Receptionist Region 6
Patsy Holloway- Secretary
Kim Williams- SPOE Supervisor Region 7 Program Director
Marijo Jones- EarlySteps Intake Coordinator Region 7
Laura Elaine Deaton – Early Intervention Consultant/ Intake Coordinator Region 7
Keyona Baldwin- EarlySteps Intake Coordinator Region 7
Katie Criswell- EarlySteps Intake Coordinator Region 7
Jennifer Abrams- Data Entry Region 7
Dee TaylorEarlySteps Intake Coordinator Region 7
Macy Stanford- Intake Coordinator Region 7
Jodie Coile- Administrative Assistant

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Families Helping Families at the Crossroads sexual harassment policy aims to safeguard employees of all sexes and gender identities within our company from unwanted sexual advances and provide them with the guidelines to report incidents. Families Helping Families at the Crossroads will not tolerate sexual harassment in our workplace and our policy applies to all FHF employees. The full policy and procedures have been posted on the premises.

If you believe that you are the target of sexual harassment, please follow this complaint process:

Complaints can be lodged in writing to Kristen Reed, Deputy Director or Celisa Coldiron, Human Resources via email: or Your compliant will be documented and resolved within (5) business days. Complaints will be kept confidential.